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The only way to start is at the beginning, the gentle way! Spaces still available for yoga class next Tuesday 9.15am get in touch via the contact page or call 07831 703489, the only way to start more details here >

About Amanda Ananda Yoga

About Yoga

The ancient practice of yoga dates back some 5000 years.  The word yoga translates as a “joining together”, referring to the fusion of the mind, body and spirit.  There are many branches to the yoga tree, each emphasizing a different process of uniting the individual with universal consciousness.  I teach a style called vinyasa flow.

About Vinyasa Fow


Vinyasa simply means “threading breath and motion together in movement”.  The roots begin in the Himalayas with a yogi called Sri Ramamohan Brahmachari.  This is a smooth flowing, breath synchronized form of yoga, where the postures are woven together to form a sequence.  Vinyasa style re-energises and detoxes the body, relaxing and focusing the mind, helping to release blockages of energy flow.   It assists in unlocking the zestful energy within, aiming to balance and fuse the physical with the spiritual, to create a state of unity.  It is a popular, creative and joyous way to practice!

Something About Me

I have been practicing since 2001, initially trying a class through curiosity, and experiencing an immediate bond with yoga.  With a background in dance, I became aware that through yoga, I was not only listening to what my body needed, but also accessing a deep internal connection.  It was just a matter of time and circumstance before I decided to train as an instructor.  I graduated with Frog Lotus International in Spain with Vidya Jaqueline Heisel attaining my 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teaching Certificate in Vinyasa Flow.  Since then I have studied with the yoga pioneer, Shiva Rea completing an Advanced Core Module in Elemental Vinyasa Flow.

I absolutely love teaching yoga and I find daily practice an essential part of my life now.

About the Classes

My classes offer a safe place to explore the postures and the self.  I aim for them to be both fluid and empowering in their grace and strength, but above all for everybody to enjoy themselves and leave the class energized and refreshed.  There is always a warm up, followed by the core practice, finishing with savasana, enabling the mind and body to “let go”. 

All classes are accompanied by music, an important element, as the rhythmic beat serves as an essential force in driving the movement forward.

Physically the practice will lengthen and tone muscles.  Vinyasa style burns calories and increases stamina, whilst providing a calming effect on the psyche.

I teach a gentle flow, suitable for beginners or those who just wish to unwind, through to a more vigorous dynamic style for the more experienced.

To attend a yoga class, you do not have to be flexible, slim, or wear lycra!  It is non competitive, and it finds you when YOU are ready to explore it.  Yoga is a journey that begins from the inside……..

Stay in the present and make it beautiful!

Namaste, Amanda