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The only way to start is at the beginning, the gentle way! Spaces still available for yoga class next Tuesday 9.15am get in touch via the contact page or call 07831 703489, the only way to start more details here >

Thank you times two!

Deep gratitude to the lovely strong Goddesses who rocked up to the Workshop at the weekend - Durga rides the tiger once again!  Also a thank you to the sublime dynamic crew who on International Yoga Day and the hottest June night since 1976 - appeared on mass to sweat and smile it out!  We were all barking in Down Dog hot yoga for sure! Shine your light!

Manipura Meditation

Sitting in meditation, visualise a warm nurturing heat coming from the flame that resides just behind the naval centre. This amber flame is the source of your vitality, purpose and unique talents. As you inhale touch the flame with your breath, make space for the heat to emanate and expand, and as you exhale let go of stubbornes and low self esteem (the demons of the manipura chakra).  If the mind begins to race, add the silent mantra of RAM and feel the letters rippling and resounding into the back belly. In time, a pathway will clear as you tap into your wisdom and courage, allowing the fire element to remain balanced and burn away your fears.

Space / Akasha

Recently we've been considering the concept of space or akasha in class as we increase the inactive space within the body allowing all of the others elements within us to flourish.  At the same time stimulating noble thoughts, developing intuition and overcoming any sesnsation of heaviness.  We can connect with the space between the breath, between a thought, and between a posture.  A sweet void of nothingness can be bliss! The simplicity of natural spaces in the body during savasana, the gap between the shoulder blades, the heels, eyelids and lips.  But what resonates most is that just turning up for class gives you the ultimate space to spend time with yourself!  Shanti indeed!

Fire Angel Yoga Students

Such a pleasure and an honour to teach at the 200hr Yoga Teachers Training with Fire Angel.  Loved the experience.  To all the under graduates: this course will change your life! Embrace it and trust! Thanks Ginny for the enriching opportunity, and yogis - let your spirit shine and the poses sing!

Fire Angel Yoga Students

Such a pleasure and an honour to teach at the 200hr Yoga Teachers Training with Fire Angel.  Loved the experience.  To all the under graduates: this course will change your life! Embrace it and trust! Thanks Ginny for the enriching opportunity, and yogis - let your spirit shine and the poses sing!

Mythical Flow Workshops

A heartfelt thanks to all of the lovelies that attended the 2 Mythical Flow Workshops I ran this weekend at the Space Studio & Danesfield House.  I think we all connected to our inner Goddess Durga, and noticed the inner demon Mahesha lurking in the shadows. Call forth your courageous heart , stand frim in your truth and shine your light.  Thank you for the feedback and getting into the theme, throwing your chakra discus, creating battle kung foo kicks, whispering, shouting, laughing and connecting to your inner wisdom.  If you find a job you like - you'll never "work" again!!  See you on your mats...namaste A xx

Words We LIKE!

The sun is coming our way now with darker days behind us, and time to refelct on some words we've liked over the last month in class: Manifest your Dreams / Honour your Edges & Limitations / Stand in front of your Past & Let It BE! / Breath through the eye of your heart and whisper OM with your inhale & exhale / The ONLY way through is IN! / Release your Wisdom out into the world as you exhale / Be attentive to the Still Silent Space within and let the internal voices bend like flowers in the wind / YOGA: a balance between effort & surrender, as you experience yourself from the INSIDE OUT!  Shanti shanti x

Yoga & Mindfulness for Teens

A very informative 5 day course: Yoga & Mindfulness for Teens, run through Yoga Campus.  What a lovely experience to be around such inspiring women, all of us eager to nurture an important age group.  Be warned!  Yoga & Mindfulness cold be arriving at a school near you soon!

Explore Active to Passive

Taking the time to playfully ignite the magic of the manipura chakra through the grace of vinyasa flow, filling to the brim with vitality, activity and transformation! Rinsing out from the inside.  Eventually finding stillness, turning off the bright lights of the world, and quietly surrendering to the soft darkness of the spirit.


At harvest time, consider what you've been putting your energy into since the beginning of the year, and ask if a project has been frutiful.  The project may simply be your health or mindfulness.  Create your own harvest as you harness the rhythms of the earth to cultivate fruitfulness and the abundance of joy surrounding you. Notice a subtle shift in earth energy!  A good time to move from outer to inner, from fire to water and meditate upon which seeds you need to incubate over the coming months..............

Happy Holidays!

From exhaling the bija sound YAM to relinquish unresolved feelings stuck in the heart chakra, to listening to the inner wisdom that the third eye has to offer always - we arrive at a place of soft stillness.  Taking a week away from teaching has encouraged a space for freedom to reside and sponaneity to flourish.......Happy Holidays!

Strawberry Moon Solstice

This Summer Solstice was special, falling for the first time on a full moon in 70 years.  This week we are connecting to the internal sources of heat and energy in the yoga body, building a fire to burn through all that is unwanted, so we honour and renew the golden light within, allowing the emerging quality of self to shine forth. Creating a namaskar for both the solar force and the connection with the earth (pruthivi) as we reconnect to the natural drum beat of the solid base beneath us.  Find a sunflower and create a dance of joy and light around it!


With the cheery blossom softly falling, the trees have never looked so excited that summer is approaching and so welcome vrksasana into your practice this week.  Reach the palms skyward and branch them out, allowing them to become the leaves.  These leaves represent the lungs of the world producing the oxygen to breathe.  The supporting foot symbolising the roots, not only guiding you back to the present, but retaining the rain water preventing the earth from eroding.  The mind non reactive and opening to the fruits of spiritual wisdom like the banyan tree.  Run in to the emotions the wobbles produce, knowing the strength of a tree lies in it's ability to bend!  Ponder Rumi, and ask if you are searching among the branches for what ONLY appears at the roots!  Stay rooted yet FREE..........shanti.

Vishuddha Yantra Explained

This week I've been travelling with my beautiful Vishuddha Yantra to classes!  Many of you have admired the gorgeous blues in the mystical diagram depicting the throat chakra.  The artist is Dirk Czarnota.  So, to remind you that the 16 lotus petals outside the image are to mirror the 16 sanskrit vowels.  The "squiggle" inside the triangle represents the Bija Mantra of "ham".  The mysterious white circle symbolises the full moon energy and the element related to the visduddha of akasha (space), and finally and most importantly - the downward facing triangle pertains to the feminine powers of creation!  Encourage your authentic voice to rise from your heart and express away with joy, liberation and compassion........

Thanks to Elena Bower for a powerful workshop and the deep inspiring layers within her book "Art of Attention"....... A x

Spring in to Renewal!

From gentle through to dynamic, this week we are celebrtaing the Spring Equniox within the practice!  A transitional season of regeneration, awakening and growth, with the promise of warmth as the body embarks upon a cleansing journey and welcomes the spring sunshine in to the solar plexus.  Working on all that has accumulated during the darker days, that which is heavy with burden, and stuck within the energy flow.  Cultivating the honesty and courage to acknowledging this, and with the help of Zija (zestful sparkle) and Lila (play), we can invite the magical Spring energy to infuse our internal and external layers, and set intentions for positive change and renewal.  Some come play!

Yin is IN! Fact!

As much as I love a dynamic practice, the power of the still is whispering!  An insightful, informative, and hugely enjoyable 3 day Yin Yoga Immersion Course with the eponymous Norman Blair at Yoga Campus.  Softening, opening, staying and accepting - I'm IN!  Get ready for some sneaky Yin stuff to fold it's way into class!  Yin and Yang....the perfect balance, complementing Shiva/Shakti, Moon/Sun and all the polar opposites under the stars. Shanti for sure!

Om Namah Shivaya

Last week, in all classes, we used the beautiful mantra "Om Namah Shivaya", meaning "I bow to my deepest heart".  Call to your heart, connect to your heart, slow it down and stay close to yourself throughout your practice and feel the difference!  Also to mention to all Space Studio Yogi's that I am covering for Ginny whilst she is away writing her teaching programme.  This is Wednesdays 6.15-7.30pm with a slow vinyasa and restore.  See you on your mat, imagine it is a mirror and ask yourself "how's my face?"  Uh oh!  Soften, radiate your inner light and sustain that yoga glow........A x

Two big Thank You's!

The Shrine Room at the Kagyu Samye Dzong Tibetan Buddhist Centre was a truly stunning venue for the Total Yoga Nidra course last weekend.  A huge thanks to the very special Uma Dinsmour-Tuli, a true Goddess!  I now have so much to absorb and share!  Another thank you to the lovely yogi's who attended my Chakra Workshop at The Space yesterday.  I think we definitely burnt through the Manipura with the heat in the room, complete with disco soundtrack!  Yoga rocks!  Hari om tat sat! X

Global Heart Tribe Raises the Rafters

A huge heartfelt thanks to Sianna Sherman for her Return of the Light event complete with alchemical asana flow and hypnotic ecstatic dance jouney to soulful music.  A beautiful gathering of a Heart Tribe, all igniting magic with rhythm to activate the return of the light.  A very special connection was felt by all - the frequency and temperature was certainly raised! Oh boy!
As classes fold for 2015, we remember that endings brings about space for new beginnings.  Saprema.

A Moment in Time

Looking forward to studying Yoga Nidra with Uma Dinsmore Tuli....
and remember......
the ONLY moment that is guaranteed to you, is the one that you are IN!
Choose not to miss a thing!  A x