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The only way to start is at the beginning, the gentle way! Spaces still available for yoga class next Tuesday 9.15am get in touch via the contact page or call 07831 703489, the only way to start more details here >

Tend your Inner Light

As the clocks changed on Sunday, the afternoon light is fading fast, and can bring on a sense of gloominess.  But darkness encourages stillness and looking inwards, and if we can "BE" with this, we tend our inner light, and the obstacles we face become clearer.  "Hello darkness, my old friend" sang Paul Simon, so let's befriend the shadows and seek out the light that shines from each and everyone of us and beam it out in to the world! 
Go! Yoga Glow!

Truly Essential Oil!

Lovely feedback about the oil I've been using this week in savasana!
So, for those who were asking: it is from, and is called DE-STRESS, a gorgeous combination of grapefruit, patchouli and rosewood.
Yoga is an act of self care, so a little oil indulgence would not go amiss during this time of transition, that is Autumn.

Sanskrit Mantra

"may all beings be happy and free"
Especially the poor pheasants being murdered around me on a "shooting day"

Inspired Yoga Retreat

A very special thanks to Jenny at Inspired Retreats who put together the mindfulness and yoga retreat this Bank Holiday weekend at the stunning and tranquil Braziers Park.  It was a pleasure to lead the yoga with such a lovely group in the perfect setting.  Deep exhale to calm........carry it through the week now!

Scarvelli Inspired Thoughts

Do not look upon your body as a stranger! Adopt a friendly approach towards it. Watch it. Listen to it. Observe it's needs. "To be sensitive is to be alive".
Going with, rather than against your body and feelings. "There is a beauty in accepting what is".
Do not kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose!  
Some Scarvelli inspires thoughts.......shanti

New Moon Prayer

A New Moon Prayer:
I welcome Transformation, Growth and Abundance.
I know what I Need.
I am Ready.

Move into vrikasana (Tree Pose) and ask yourself a question.
Use the words of Rumi; 'Maybe you are searching amongt the BRANCHES,
For what ONLY appears at the ROOTS".

Chakra Thanks

Many thanks to all of the receptive souls who attended the Chakra Workshop yesterday!  Your responses were very touching. We just about got all of the mats in a circle!  Maybe some chakras are both shaken and stirred now!
Till the next time we meet on the mat.....shanti shanti A x

Vinyasa Yoga Workshop News!

I am running a Vinyasa Yoga Workshop! Yee hah!
Sunday 28th June 2015
Danesfield House Spa I'lluminata


Exploring the seven chakra energy centres
Whilst embodying a vinyasa flow yoga
Expect to get warm, smile, enrgise & restore

Limited to 12 places
You know how to find me!

Beloved Biggles

In remembrance of our beloved korat cat Biggles, who we lost in the early hours of the morning. Some fitting words from the Bhagavad Gita:

I am the heat in the fire
I am the life of all that lives
I am the radiant sun
Among stars, I am the moon
Of bodies of water, I am the ocean
Of sceret things, I am silence
All opulent, beautiful and glorious creations
Spring from but a spark of my splendor

Biggles will remain the spark that ignites my heart fire forever.

Draw in Bhadda Konasana Joy

Enjoy the benefits of bhadda konasana with a visualisation.  Move in to the posture, but reach your arms out behind you, fingers feeling the earth as you recline back allowing your arms to support you comfortably.  Lifting your closed eyes gaze up, imagine the sun's warm rays melting into your cheekbones. With this sense of heat, comes a feeling of deep joy. Draw this all the way in to your abdomen, being mindful and thankful for all of the good in your life.  Allow the breath to move into the solar plexus, aiming not to inhale from the neck, but softening the throat.  Then recoginse your true potential as a human being along with a new quality of breath and enjoy this sensation, linking it back in to the vision of the golden sun above your tilted face.  Recognise a groundedness that is freshly established as your sitting bones connect you with Mother Earth.  The heart space expands, the knees press away and the pelvic abdomen is nourished.

Bring sunshine to your day! Be astounded how the pranic energy can sustain and build happiness and light to guide your way shanti

Heart Shapes Abound!

By bringing awareness to the light within our internal world,  the external world becomes a brighter place to exist.

The word "chakra" translates as "wheels of light".  Closng down the eyes, visualise 7 spinning vortices - each the colour of the rainbow.  They are glowing and whirling in a fan like formation to create the shape of a love heart.  Each, a focal point of reception and transmission of energies.

The chakra are not something an xray will ever pick up!  These energy centres located in the subtle body, are simply something you FEEL!

The Eye Of Shakti

Moving in to the energy gathering month of March, and maybe contemplating some changes in your life, as the promise of Spring brings renewed enthusiam for refocus.

The Third Eye, or Ajna Chakra, is the place in the yoga body that instinctively knows the pure essence of you.  The soft space between the eyebrows is the seat of inner wisdom and intuition.  It goes beyond your likes and dislikes. "Ajna" translates as "command", and is indeed the pure and subtle energy centre that governs identity and concentration.  It widens your perpective both inward and outward.

Folding and lengthening in to adho mukha svanasana, inhaling the breath travel evenly through both nostrils and in to the third eye.  Follow the breath as it journeys back along the same pathway, with the same smooth rhythm.  As you do this, ask yourself the question; "Are the changes I want to make in alignment with who I really am?"  Listen to a language that is beyond words for an answer, and trust the universe to guide you!

Look Left!

The next time you find yourself in a yogic twist, especially a beautiful bind in Ardha Matsyendrasana, be aware of how you feel as you gaze over your left shoulder, your lunar side.

Visualise the bright white moon, a nurturing source for all Beings.  Draw in the moon's norurishing rays, seek serenity within as you allow yourself to move inwards, accepting the soft alpha wave of healing.  Maybe journey deeper as you take your drishti to the ajna chakra.  Extend your front leg, inviting the soak and squeeze movement of a bound twist to enhance your experience, as the pure white of the lunar energy increases it's power and travels into parts of the body where there are shadows lurking, patiently awaiting with anticipation of eventual illumination.  Stay in a twist a long time, remembering that the moment you want to release from the posture - is when it actually STARTS!  Om shanti.

Harness your Bhavana!

A beautiful way to find abalance in your practice is to harness your bhavana!

Ths refers to your inner feeling state, and encourages a tangible sense of connection between your inner and outer worlds.

Create a short and simple flow.  Just weave a few asanas together that feel natural and empowering, repeat the sequence over and over until it becomes a moving meditation.  Then dive deeper within the self and the breath, setting your drishti to the third eye.  Passively observe what ias coherent and support this with what feels detached, harvest the functioning self and balance this with the fragmented.

Take the attitude of Krishna in playfulness, softening any self criticism along the way, crank up your favourite music and immerse yourself in the bhavana state, without trying to fix anything.

Let your mantra be; 'You are not a drop in the ocean.  You are the entire ocean in a drop".  Thank you Rumi!

Calling on Kali!

Know anybody with a sore throat right now?  Does that person include you?

Currently, there seems to be a big emphasis on the 5th chakra, the vishuddha or throat centre.  This is the body's Belief HQ, situated at the crossroads between the body and the mind, the heart and the head.

Vishuddha links with azure blue and is assoiciated with the Goddess Kali.  Practice ojjayi breath, by constricting the back of the throat to create an audible oceanic sounds that this pranayama brings.  Support the breath by visualising the tourquoise of a beautiful deep sea, and as you inhale gradually feed this colour in to every cell.  Then, as you exhale, experience a luxurious release, a letting go of any tension.  Take the breath wave all the way to the shoreline, and leave anything that doesn't serve you right there, ready to be blown away by a gentle breeze, out in to the ether and gone!

Calling on Kali to awaken and balance the 5th chakra enabling you to listen to your internal voice, opening to grace and connecting with self-expression.

So soften in to a throat that is open to communication, your doorway to liberation.

Drinking in plenty of honey & lemon, and remembering to cease all kissing until the throat is happy again!  Keep warm & well.

Light up your winter fire!

At this point in the year, winter invites us to turn inwards. Locate, ignite and maintain your inner fire, or agni, and feel the warmth nourishing the body and spirit.  Whilst you are in this reflective state, why not consider your unique purpose, or svadharma - we've all got one!  Take a consciously slow and deliberate inhale and exist at the top of this, in the kumbhaka.  Then allow the breath to gradually release.  As you do this, sow the seeds of this thought, plant it in to your heart, and let your svadharma manifest as you absorb this concept in to every cell.  Try responding to this feeling in your practice.  Failing all of the above, crank up the heating, snuggle down with a good book, movie, mini glass of vino, loved one, and nurture yourself!  Tend your inner fire in whatever way works for you this shanti.

New Year, new Breath

Walking in to the New Year with a new breath and a new intention.  Allowing a sense of equanimity to reside, where the heart is open to respond to challenges, opportunity and joy.

At this time of Year

At this time of year, space is pretty crucial for everyone.  It is helpful to connect with the mystical concept of akasha, or the ether element within the yoga body mind. This is a vast emptiness that allows that other element within us to exist and act. Ether is linked to the bright blue of a summer sky and the throat chakra. Create a space in the body and the spirit through the practice and the flow of pranic energy. Only then, can you achieve that sense of vast nothingness pressing through to allow infinite possibilities for the year ahead. Om shanti.